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Now available!
CVToolbox - Control engine for analog synthesizers

The CVToolbox is much more than a networked MIDI to CV interface. It's a complete standalone synthesizer control engine which replaces up to 24 Low Frequency Oscillators, 16 Envelope Generators, and 24 modulation matrices. The CVToolbox is designed to work with any vintage or modern analog machine, modular or desktop format. You can then keep the space in your synthesizer rack for signal generation and processing modules, and control these modules directly by the CVToolbox.

The CVToolbox can be used in a completely standalone mode (controlled by a MIDI keyboard over RTP-MIDI, no computer being involved in the control scheme), but it can be used also as an expansion module for musical software like Max/MSP. You can then generate any control signal in the computer and send them to your hardware synthesizer in real-time, with full 16 bits precision. We also provide a VST control plugin, which allows you to control directly your analog synthesizer from any modern sequencer or Digital Audio Workstation.

Each output of the CVToolbox supports 14 different operating modes, and can be assigned for polyphonic usage.

IMPORTANT : KissBox Editor V11 is required for CVToolbox!

    • Standalone HD control engine for analog synthesizers, with integral 32 bits processing paths
    • Transforms any analog machine into a fully programmable system
    • No computer or extra module required to generate control signals
    • Replaces 24 LFO, 16 ADBSSR EG and 24 modulations matrices
    • Preconfigured matrices for VCO, VCF and VCA control
    • 14 functions available on each output, with 8 voices polyphony support (VCO Control, VCF Control, VCA Control, LFO1/2/3, EG1/2, Note Gate, Resonance Control, Sequencer Clock, Sequencer Gate)
    • 16 bits outputs (0V to 10V) without sample/hold for maximum signal purity
    • Direct integration in Max/MSP with a dedicated object, in order to generate control signals from Max/MSP in real-time (for example, using a ~adsr object)
    • VST plugin used as Editor/Librarian, for direct integration in sequencers and Digital Audio Workstations
    Ready for the new MMA "HD" protocol

See "Downloads" page for latest CVToolbox firmware

CVToolbox User's Manual (includes VST plugin and Max/MSP object manuals)
CVToolbox software package for Max/MSP (compatible Max5/Max6, for Mac and Windows platforms)
VST plugins package for CVToolbox (for Mac OS and Windows)


Now available!
CM-MIDI - Low cost MIDI transceiver for RTP-MIDI networks

The CM-MIDI is a low-cost compact version of the KissBox MIDI2TR transceiver, ideal for musical applications for which options like Power over Ethernet is not necessary. It provides 2 RTP-MIDI endpoints, each of them supporting up to 16 sessions in parallel.

The CM-MIDI can be used directly with Apple Macintosh computer (RTP-MIDI support is fully integrated in OS X). It can be used also on any Windows machine thanks to our free driver. The CM-MIDI appears on these machines as two independent MIDI interfaces, which can be used with any MIDI software like Sequencers, Digital Audio Workstations, SYSEX Editor/librarian, etc...

The CM-MIDI is the ideal partner of the VSTizer product range. It can be installed directly near your favorite hardware synthesizers, without the need to care about the distance between the computer and synthesizers. And of course, the CM-MIDI can be controlled directly by any other RTP-MIDI device, like a master keyboard, without involving a computer in the network path.

IMPORTANT : KissBox Editor V11 is required for CM-MIDI!

    • Ultra-compact ruggedized design (aluminium alloy), ideal for live/stage applications
    • Fully compliant with RTP-MIDI open protocol
    • Two RTP-MIDI endpoints (1 endpoint = 1 MIDI IN + 1 MIDI OUT)
    • Appears in MIDI applications as two independent MIDI interfaces
    • Plug&Play using Apple's Bonjour protocol
    • "Session initiator" functionnality, for direct peer to peer application with iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod) over WiFi, without needing any USB adapter connected to the iOS machine
    • Supports both peer-to-peer and computer controlled communication
    • Interoperable with any other RTP-MIDI product
    • Powered by USB charger
    Ready for the new MMA "HD" protocol

See "Downloads" page for latest CM-MIDI firmware

CM-MIDI User's Manual (English)


MIDI2TR - Dual MIDI/RTP-MIDI Transceiver

The DUAL RTP-MIDI Transceiver allows you to use a standard Ethernet network to distribute the MIDI protocol to any part of your setup, whatever its size. RTP-MIDI is an open standard, supported natively by Mac OS-X (no driver to install), and free driver is available for Windows (XP to Win8, 32 and 64 bits). It is also compatible with iPad/iPhone over WiFi!
The DUAL RTP-MIDI is seen on these systems as a standard MIDI interface, compatible with any existing MIDI application.
The DUAL RTP-MIDI supports also Plug&Play operation, using Bonjour protocol.

IMPORTANT : KissBox Editor V11 is required for the new MIDI2TR firmware!

    • Full-Duplex MIDI communication over RTP-MIDI open protocol
    • Two independent MIDI IN/MIDI OUT ports
    • Plug&Play using Bonjour protocol
    • No driver required on Mac, free driver available for Windows
    Compatible with WiFi MIDI on iPad/iPhone
    • Supports multi-session with full merging
    • Operating power over the network cable.– IEEE 802-3af
    • RTP-MIDI sync accuracy : 0.1 millisecond
    • Easy software configuration using KissBox Editor
    Ready for the new MMA "HD" protocol

See "Downloads" page for latest MIDI2TR RTP-MIDI firmware


VSTizer Basic

Virtual RTP-MIDI port for VST hosts

The VSTizer Basic is a virtual RTP-MIDI port compatible with any VST host. It adds RTP-MIDI capabilities to your sequencer / Digital Audio Workstation, without needing any driver to install.

It transfers in a completely transparent way all MIDI commands sent by the sequencer to the plugin directly to a remote MIDI device connected to the MIDI ports of the KissBox RTP-MIDI module, like if your hardware instrument was a VST plugin.

    • VST2.4 plugin, available for Mac/Windows in 32 and 64 bits formats
    • Add one MIDI IN and one MIDI OUT port per plugin instance
    • No driver or extra software component like proxies required
    • Can be used many times in the same project for multiple ports
    • Full RTP-MIDI operation
    • Plug&Play with all Kiss-Box RTP-MIDI products
    • Removes MIDI ports limitations of Akai MPC Studio and MPC Renaissance
    • Price : FREE !!!

VSTizer Basic installer (Mac/Windows)
VSTizer Basic User's Manual

VSTizer DSS1

RTP-MIDI VST Editor/Librarian for Korg DSS-1 synthesizer

The VSTizer DSS-1 is a complete Editor/Librarian for the famous Korg DSS-1 synthesizer. It allows complete parameter editing and full remote control over RTP-MIDI link.
It also allows direct sample uploading/downloading from/to the synthesizer (the floppy disk drive is not needed anymore, even to start the DSS-1).

The VSTizer DSS-1 is available as a free bundle plugin for all Kiss-Box RTP-MIDI interface customers.
We are converting the complete collection of original DSS-1 floppy disks into VSTizer bank format (more than 400 banks will be available at the end). This collection is available for free download to all VSTizer registered users.

    • VST2.4 plugin, available for Mac/Windows in 32 and 64 bits formats
    • Transform the DSS-1 into a virtual instrument with real-time control over RTP-MIDI
    • Librarian/Editor/VSTi in the same software package
    • Full RTP-MIDI operation (Floppy disk drive is not used anymore)
    • Save any DSS-1 "SYSTEM" from floppy disk into VST bank
    • Plug&Play operation

Note: the plugins hereunder are not demonstration versions!. They are fully fonctionnal, but they require a license file to operate fully.
If the license file is mi